Stepie is a character in Sharktopus.


Stephie is the bikini-clad, flirty co-host of "Captain" Jack on a yacht based radio station in Puerto Vallarta, PV Pirate Radio. After receiving a text message about a monster that's "half-octopus half-shark" and is terrorizing the South coast, she broadcasts it with Jack, who believes it to be all part of a faux documentary on oceanography. After the attacks continue, Stephie pleads with Jack to alert everyone on the air about Sharktopus, only for Jack to mockingly suggest a virgin sacrifice and send photos of risque women to the stations website, much to Stephie's annoyance. She then follows Jack to the deck of his yacht to scold him, only for the latter to insist that Sharktopus is a hoax. Upon his claim, one of S-11's tentacles surfaces from the bay and ensnare Jack into the creature's jaws as Stephie screams in horror throughout the attack. Her fate afterwards is left unknown.

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