Something Beneath
Film information
Directed by David Winning
Written by Mark Mullin
Ethlie Ann Vare
David Winning
Music by Michael Richard Plowman
Cinematography Brenton Spencer
Editing by Mark Sanders

Something Beneath is a 2007 film.


  • Kevin Sorbo as Father Douglas Middleton
  • Natalie Brown as Khali Spence
  • Peter MacNeill as Deadmarsh
  • Brendan Beiser as Dr. Connolly
  • Gordon Tanner as Symes
  • Tom Keenan as Hank
  • Blake Taylor as Reggie
  • Brittany Scobie as Mikaela Strovsky
  • Frank Adamson as Lowell Kent
  • Paige Bannister as Aimee
  • Brett Donahue as Tony
  • Rob McLaughlin as Eugene Herman
  • Gene Pyrz as Jim Bailey
  • Tracey Nepinak as Khali's Grandmother
  • Aimee Cadorath as Young Khali
  • Kevin Aichele as Dutch
  • Mike Bell as Construction Foreman
  • Brandon Doty as Backpacking Hippie
  • Lindsay Embroyle as Paramedic
  • David Stuart Evans as Clerk
  • Craig Matthews as Hard Hat
  • Kyle Nobess as Sheik
  • Thanya Romero as Manuela
  • Tanakh as Ajax
  • Karl Thordarson as Mr. Briggs
  • Julia Van de Spiegle as Woman in the mirror
  • David Winning as Beast in the Woods / Angry Arab guest / TV announcer