Sand Sharks
Film information
Directed by Mark Atkins
Music by Mario Salvucci
Editing by Sean Cain
Language English

Sand Sharks is a 2011 film.


  • Corin Nemec as Jimmy Green
  • Brooke Hogan as Sandy Powers
  • Vanessa Lee Evigan as Brenda Stone
  • Eric Scott Woods as Sheriff John Stone
  • Gina Holden as Amanda Gore
  • Hilary Cruz as Erin
  • Julie Marie Berman as Nikki
  • Jack Kennedy as Sparky
  • Roberto Aguire as Rex
  • Edgar Allan Poe IV as Mayor Greenburg
  • Robert Pike Daniel as Angus McSorely
  • Delpaneaux Wills as Willie
  • Andrea Pineda as Grace
  • Aiden Simko as Marty
  • Nicole Zeoli as Taylor
  • Jeff Jonas as Earl
  • Zachariah Jay as Ray
  • Christina Corigliano as Carly
  • Daegan Palermo as Bob
  • Jordann Kimley as Peter
  • Lauren Roehm as Kerri
  • Jesse La Flair as Nikki's Boyfriend

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