Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys
Film information
Directed by Ted Nicolaou
Produced by Alan Bursteen
Cary Glieberman
Written by Courtney Joyner
David S. Goyer
David Schmoeller
Music by Peter Bernstein
Cinematography David Worth
Editing by Terry Kelley
Release Date(s) December 18, 2004
Language English

Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys is a 2004 film.


  • Corey Feldman – Robert Toulon
  • Danielle Keaton – Alexandra Toulon
  • Vanessa Angel – Erica Sharpe
  • Silvia Suvadova – Sgt. Jessica Russell
  • Nikoli Sotirov – Julian
  • Dessislava Maicheva – Christina
  • Velizar Binev – Mayor
  • Angelina Hadjimitova – Claudia
  • Anton Falk – Bael

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