The creature flying through the sky

After failing with Sharktopus, the U.S. military creates another genetic hybrid called Pteracuda. However, they lose control of it, and only the offspring of Sharktopus can kill it.

Appearance Edit

The Pteracuda is a large pterosaur with traits of both a Pteranodon and a barracuda mixed in. It has a fin on the back of its head, which allows it to steer through both water and air more easily. It has sharp teeth and a large cadual fin on the end of its tail.

Kills Edit

  • Amanda Philipson
  • One unnamed person
  • Four unnamed person
  • One unnamed person
  • One unnamed person
  • Eight person in plane
  • Three unnamed person
  • Dr. Lux
  • Dr. Rico Symes (With Sharktopus)