For the monsters, see Piranhacondas
Film information
Directed by Jim Wynorski
Produced by Roger Corman
Written by Mike MacLean
Release Date(s) June 16, 2012
Language English

Piranhaconda is a 2012 Syfy original movie.

Plot Edit


  • Michael Madsen as Prof. Lovegrove
  • Rib Hillis as Jack
  • Rachel Hunter as Talia
  • Terri Ivens as Rose
  • Shandi Finnessey as Kimmy Weston
  • Chris De Christopher as Milo
  • Kurt Yaeger as Gunner
  • Christina DeRosa as Rachel

Notes Edit

  • The film is rumored to be the sequel to Sharktopus.

Gallery Edit

Media Piranhaconda

Characters Piranhacondas | Lovegrove | Talia | Jack | Rose | Milo | Kimmy Weston | Rachel

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