Parallel Dimension

The Parallel Dimension was discovered by Dr. Jillian O'Hara. Out of a vast and possibly infinite number of parallel dimensions, this one was selected for study due to being extremely similar to Earth in terms of environmental conditions (atmosphere, life forms, etc.). Parallel Earth looks very similar to our own, but with pink skies and multiple natural satellites. The area visited appears like a temperate forest, but also contains quicksand pits and other geographical peculiarities. The atmosphere is breathable for Humans and the vegetation is strikingly similar to Earth's as well.

Life forms Edit

A kind of large fungus was discovered, which Dr. Frost identified as "a giant Amanita muscaria", although she probably meant it figuratively (as in, a giant version of a regular Earth fungus) since the fungus in question looked nothing like an Amanita muscaria at all, and more closely resembled a bracket fungus of some sort.

The animal life of this dimension, by stark contrast, is highly distinct from Earth's. Two distinct species have been observed, both of which are quadruped predators with three pairs of eyes, sharp teeth and mobile pedipalps which can be used to slash prey. The larger creature is oviparous and exhibits strong parental instinct to protect its nest. The smaller species has an internal organ filled with black, highly corrosive acid, and both species have blood which contains enormous quantities of ammonia. It is also possible - even likely - that the smaller creature represents simply a juvenile form of the larger one. This idea would explain why the larger creature behaved so aggressively towards the Human explorers in a seemingly unprovoked manner: they had already killed the smaller being at that point.