Lake Placid vs. Anaconda
Film information
Directed by A. B. Stone
Produced by Jeffery Beach
Phillip Roth
Written by Berkeley Anderson
Music by Claude Foisy
Cinematography Ivo Peitchev
Editing by Cameron Hallenbeck
Studio UFO International
Distributed by Destination Films
Release Date(s) April 25, 2015
Language English
Preceded by Lake Placid: The Final Chapter / Anacondas: Trail of Blood

Lake Placid vs. Anaconda is a 2015 film.


  • Corin Nemec as Will "Tully" Tull
  • Yancy Butler as Reba
  • Skye Lourie as Bethany Tull
  • Robert Englund as Jim Bickerman
  • Annabel Wright as Sarah Murdoch
  • Stephen Billington as Beach (uncredited)
  • Oliver Walker as Deputy Ferguson
  • Laura Dale as Tiffani
  • Ali Eagle as Margo
  • Heather Gilbert as Jane
  • Georgina Philipps as Jennifer
  • Jenny May Darcy as Melissa
  • Nigel Barber as The Mayor

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