Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep
Film information
Directed by Tibor Takács
Produced by Stephen Hegyes
Kenneth M. Badish
Shawn Williamson
Written by Nicholas Garland
Sean Keller
Brian D. Young
Music by Rich Walters
Cinematography George Campbell
Editing by Ellen Fine
Distributed by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Release Date(s) September 23, 2006
Language English
Budget $2,100,000

Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep is a 2006 film.


  • Charlie O'Connell as Ray
  • Victoria Pratt as Nicole
  • Jack Scalia as Jenny
  • Cory Monteith as Michael
  • Jack Scalia as Maxwell
  • Aleks Paunovic as Ike
  • Nicole McKay as Kate
  • Michal Yannai as Sally

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