Komodo vs. Cobra
Film information
Directed by Jim Wynorski
Produced by Dana White
Written by Jim Wynorski
Music by Chuck Cirino
Editing by Randy Carter
Studio CineTel Films
Distributed by CineTel Films
Lions Gate Entertainment (DVD)
Release Date(s) August 19, 2005
Running time 94 minutes
Language English

Komodo vs. Cobra is a 2005 film.


  • Michael Paré as Mike A. Stoddard
  • Ryan McTavish as Jerry Ryan
  • Renee Talbert as Carrie
  • Jerri Manthey as Sandra
  • Michelle Borth as Dr. Susan Richardson
  • Ted Monte as Ted
  • Glori-Anne Gilbert as Darla
  • Rene Rivera as Dirk
  • Jay Richardson as Dr. Richardson
  • Rod McCary as General Bradley
  • Roark Critchlow as Major Garber
  • Paul Logan as Major Frank
  • Damian T. Raven as Weeks
  • Chris Neville as Lerner
  • Delpaneaux Wills as Marsden

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