Ferocious Planet
Film information
Directed by Billy O'Brien
Produced by Mary Callery
Written by Douglas G. Davis
Editing by Grainne Gavigan
Release Date(s) April 9, 2011
Running time 88 minutes

Ferocious Planet is a 2011 film.


  • Colonel Sam Synn - Joe Flanigan
  • Senator Jackson Crenshaw - John Rhys-Davies
  • Dr Karen Frost - Catherine Walker
  • Josh Burk - Sam O'Mahony
  • Lieutenant Rivers - Yare Jegbefume
  • Private Jordan Reid - Chris Newman
  • Dr Jillian O'Hara - Dagmar Döring
  • Brian Murphy - Rob Soohan
  • Lex Michaels - Kevin Flood
  • Al Icia - Shashi Rami

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