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Film information
Directed by Kevin O'Neill
Written by Frances Doel
Guy Prevost
Distributed by Syfy
Release Date(s) March 13, 2010
Language English

Dinoshark is a 2010 film.


  • Eric Balfour as Trace McGraw
  • Iva Hasperger as Carol Brubaker
  • Aarón Díaz as Luis
  • Dan Golden as Mike
  • Humberto Busto as Calderon
  • Guillermo Iván as Victor
  • Roger Corman as Dr. Frank Reeves
  • Christina Nicole as Rita Valdez
  • Richard Miller as Steve Loggins
  • Liv Boughn as Lois
  • Robert Roessel as Dr. Simon Otis
  • Gary J. Tunnicliffe as Jeremy Long
  • Erika Zinser as Janelle
  • Cindy Mazer as Elsa
  • Sara Kova as Jade
  • Benjamin Woodlock as Tom
  • Jack Everest Hite as Eddie
  • David Ford Hite as Eddie's father
  • Anna Marie Laurita as Eddie's mother
  • Mike Lawrence as MSAR Officer #1
  • Christian Gomez as MSAR Officer #2
  • Victor Cruz as Pedro
  • Blythe Metz as TV Newscaster
  • Alex Andriadis as Young Captain
  • Michelle Klyne as Volleyball Woman #1
  • Katharine Wilhelm as Volleyball Woman #2
  • Brian Covarrubias Hernandez as Lifeguard #1
  • Jake Bader as Lifeguard #2
  • Morgan Adams as Secretary
  • Sydney Kristine Spear as Emilia
  • David Wulff as Jetskier
  • Estampas de Mexico as Ballet Folklorico

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