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The Bungee Jump Girl is a victim in Sharktopus.


She is a tourist at Puerto Vallarta along with her boyfriend. She is first seen jogging with her boyfriend on the beach in her halter one-piece swimsuit to burn off calories from their enchilada dinner the night before, all the while complaining about there being laws against jogging on the beach in Mexico and the fact that they're on vacation. Her boyfriend then suggests their next activity is to help her rid her fear of heights via Bungee jumping, an idea she is reluctant of until she agrees, under the condition of spending the rest of the day at the spa afterwards.With that in mind, the ecstatic female goads her boyfriend into racing him to the Bungee tower.


At the Bungee tower, she relieves her acrophobia on her joyous first jump. Elated by her thrilling experience, she insists on going again. However on her second jump, the hapless female is suddenly eaten off the cord by S-11 as it jumps from the ocean and swallows her whole. The attack was later mentioned by Pez along with the others Sharktopus caused on the South coast.


The Bungee Jump Girl is played by Mary Tessa Corman, daughter of the film's producers Roger and Julie Corman respectively.

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