Blood Monkey
Film information
Directed by Robert Young
Produced by Charles Salmon
Written by George LaVoo
Gary Dauberman
Music by Charles Olins
Mark Ryder
Cinematography Choochart Nantitanyatada
Editing by Anuradha Singh
Distributed by Genius Entertainment
Release Date(s) September 24, 2007 (Greece)
January 27, 2008 (United States)
Language English

Blood Monkey is a 2007 film.


  • F. Murray Abraham as Professor Conrad Hamilton
  • Matt Ryan as Seth Roland
  • Amy Manson as Amy Armstrong
  • Matt Reeves as Greg Satch
  • Laura Aikman as Sydney Maas
  • Sebastian Armesto as Josh Dawson
  • Freishia Bomanbehram as Dani Sudeva

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